Children’s Books

What’s in the Box

Ezzy’s neighbors, the Martins, are museum curators who go on a long trip around the world. They keep in touch with Ezzy as they travel by sending her a new package each week containing strange objects and fascinating stories.

Watercolor illustrations enhance  the story.  Letters from the Martins give information about each object.  The book is appropriate for children age six and up…and their parents.

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Ezzy wants everything to be pink, her clothes, her toys, even her room. Watch as Ezzy and her dad work to turn her world pink.

Watercolor illustrations enhance the story. The book is appropriate for children five and up.

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One Fish Some Fish

Rhyming words complement colorful watercolor illustrations of fish in this whimsical little book. Believe it or not, these fish are actually found around Hawaiian coral reefs, one of the most important ecosystems in the world and home to thousands of kinds of living things.

Appropriate for all ages.

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