These pieces are inspired by foliage on the Island of Hawaii as well as the plants along my street in Berkeley.
Here I have tried to portray their essence in watercolor and formed paper, creating artworks that reach out–off the wall. 


The ocean is filled with amazing creatures.  Here are a few—made of paper.

Earth Views

These colorful squares show patterns of man-made and natural forms such as seen from above. Together they create a quilt-like grid. Individually, each is seen as a small diorama.

Cambrian Explosion

Earth’s first multi-celled animals appeared 540 million years ago in a relatively sudden “explosion” of an astounding variety of forms known as the Cambrian Period. Some evolved into animals living today. These reality-based art pieces were a part of an installation, which combined art and science.


These paintings and sculptures were inspired by the ocean: currents, swimming forms, bright glitters of color, dazzling creatures, sunlit patches, and murky depths. Then the images grew to include the earth, air, and beyond.


The universe is an amazing place seething with energy and form. It amazes me to know that we see only five percent of what is out there; the rest consists of mysterious dark energy and matter.

Darwin’s Garden

The ideas of Charles Darwin have long influenced my view of the world: his wonder at the diversity of the forms in the living world, their interrelatedness, and ephemeral, changing existence. These thoughts were in my mind as I visited friends’ gardens and made a series of paintings around the time of Darwin’s 200th birthday in 2009.

Landform Layers

What lies beneath a landscape fascinates me: layers of history, patterns of movement, and remnants of the past. A quiet pastoral scene might be just the frosting on a turbulent cake.


A quiet sea may look featureless. But look below and you will find a cornucopia of vibrant images: a diversity of colorful marine creatures and a world that belies what is viewed above.


These dioramas show colorful buildings and lively street life in the City of Berkeley, California, including the University’s Sather Gate, a movie theater, and an outdoor market.