Darwin's Garden
The ideas of Charles Darwin have long influenced my view of the world: his wonder at the diversity of the forms in the living world, their interrelatedness, and ephemeral, changing existence. These thoughts were in my mind as I visited friends’ gardens and made a series of paintings around the time of Darwin’s 200th birthday in 2009.

Medium: Watercolor, acrylic paint, glue and paper

46"w x 20"h
Lawn Edge : 46"w x 20"h

26"w x 28"h
Mandala: 26"w x 28"h

 36"w x 18"h
Rondo: 36"w x 18"h

61"w x 26"h
Darwin's Garden : 61"w x 26"h

56" x 15"
Cacti: 56" x 15"