The subject matter of my artworks is focused on the natural world, from fossils to the cosmos. For many years I worked at the Smithsonian’s natural history museums where I encountered beautiful, strange and fascinating objects. Today I create artworks that are inspired by my experiences there and an appreciation for the science knowledge I acquired.

Sometimes my artworks bear a relationship to science museum dioramas and displays. As a child I loved dioramas, where I would pretend to enter into their miniature worlds. I often try for this effect in my work, to take the viewer into a new reality.

My paintings tend to be “off the wall.” Many become bas-reliefs as they strive for dimensionality and some turn into sculptures. They are made from traditional media: acrylic and watercolor paint, glues, canvas and paper, but I employ these media in non-traditional ways. I form canvas and watercolor paper into sculptural shapes and three-dimensional platforms for paintings. I thicken acrylic so it can be applied like frosting. What I am after is the dimensionality and tactile quality of real objects.